Supported by Artificial Intelligence Occupational Health and Safety

Supported by Artificial Intelligence

Occupational Health and Safety

Algi Ai and Occupational Health and Safety:

Algi Ai offers solutions with cameras and drones that offer automatic hazard detection and real-time monitoring at workplaces. These solutions are the first in Turkey and have the potential to increase safety standards in workplaces.

The Advantages of Algi Ai in the Workplace:
    • Automatic hazard detection
    • Fast detection of abnormal situation and dangerous behavior with high resolution cameras
    • Possibility of real-time monitoring
    • Rapid detection of potential risks and immediate response to incidents
    • Employers should monitor the behavior of employees
    • Raising safety standards in workplaces
    • Prevention of occupational accidents
    • Ensuring employee safety
Important Features of Algi Ai for Occupational Health and Safety:
    • Innovative camera and drone solutions
    • Artificial intelligence-based hazard detection
    • Real-time monitoring and warning system
    • Customizable solutions
    • Data analytics and reporting

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How do your solutions improve safety standards in the workplace?

Algi Ai’s camera solutions raise safety standards by quickly detecting potential hazards in the workplace. High-resolution cameras and intelligent detection algorithms can instantly detect intrusions, dangerous behavior or unusual situations.

2. What hazards can Perception Ai Technology detect and how does it work?

Algi Ai’s artificial intelligence-based technology can detect various hazards such as the use of hazardous materials, high-risk work areas and behaviors that may cause occupational accidents. Artificial intelligence algorithms determine the potential risks by analyzing the images and data collected by the cameras.

3. How do the solutions used in the workplace improve the well-being of employees?

Perception Ai’s solutions improve the well-being of employees by increasing safety in the workplace and detecting potential hazards in advance. In this way, accidents and injuries at work are reduced, employees work in a safer environment and work stress is also reduced.

Areas of Use of Algi Ai:
    • Construction Site Security: With real-time monitoring, it can detect abnormal situations, detect intrusions and dangerous behavior.
    • Industrial Production and Machine Safety: Monitors the safe operation of machines and production lines, gives warnings in dangerous situations.
    • Warehouse and Logistics Security: Monitors stock areas and transportation operations, prevents theft and accident risks.
Safer and Healthier Working Environments with Algi Ai:

Algi Ai’s innovative solutions can significantly reduce occupational accidents and injuries by detecting potential hazards in the workplace in advance and providing immediate warnings. In this way, safer and healthier working environments can be created in the workplace.

For more information, you can request a demo about Occupational Health and Safety Solutions or contact us.

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