Defective Path Detection

Solutions for Road Maintenance and Repair

Roads are the basic components of the social and economic development of all countries. However, it is a big challenge for government agencies such as municipalities to ensure the sustainable maintenance of these roads. Municipalities are in an effort to find solutions by detecting the damages of roads in an efficient and appropriate way.


Detection and Prevention of Road Damage

If the roads are not inspected regularly, the condition of the roads deteriorates due to many factors such as weather, traffic, poor material selection. Broken roads, traffic jams and road potholes lead to annoying material and moral damages for car drivers. Therefore, solutions are needed for the inexpensive, rapid and organized detection of such road damage.


Road Condition Analysis and Safety

Algi Ai allows detecting various road damage such as damaged roads, potholes, cracks using artificial intelligence technology. The data analyzed by Algi Ai provides more information by recording the detections instantly and processing them into a database. In addition, thanks to Algi Ai, situations such as erosion of road lanes or distortion of lines at pedestrian crossings can also be detected and possible accidents can be prevented.

Prior Detection of Dangerous Manhole Covers and Precautions

Open or damaged manhole covers pose serious threats and hazards. As Algi Ai, we have integrated our solutions to this problem. Our solution makes it easier to prevent material and life losses that may occur by detecting manhole covers that are left open or damaged on the roads in advance.


Our Solution-Oriented Approaches

Our Services

Defective Path Detection

Algi Ai uses Object Detection techniques in Artificial Intelligence to detect Damaged Roads, Potholes, Cracks, etc. it allows various road damage to be detected, such as.

Intelligent Parking Systems

With our solution, you can reserve your parking space before entering the parking lot if you want and you can pay quickly via the application for as long as you want. In this way, you will save time and have a comfortable parking experience.

ANPR Technology

Automatic License Plate Recognition is a computer vision application that allows devices to quickly and automatically read license plates on vehicles without any human interaction.

Person Counting and Tracking

Algi Ai helps you optimize security systems and business processes by providing Contact Counting and Tracking solutions equipped with the latest technologies. Person Counting and Tracking provides a useful service in Government Offices, Shopping Malls, Corporate Companies and many other areas.

Label Control Solutions

Label Checking is the process of detecting labels and their position on a box or container that has not been placed correctly. This guarantees the smooth progress of the entire shipping process.

Foreign Body Detection

Smart cameras detect unwanted objects that contaminate products on a production line. Object Detection Solutions increase productivity. Detecting unwanted generations ensures consumer satisfaction in the best way.


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