Occupational Health and Safety Solutions with Ai

Algi Ai and Occupational Health and Safety

Algi Ai's solutions on occupational health and safety are the first in Turkey. If this project is successfully implemented, an important step will have been taken to raise the safety standards at workplaces in Turkey and to increase the well-being of employees. This project, realized with the innovative camera and drone solutions of Algi Ai, will be considered a pioneering turning point in Turkey in the field of occupational health and safety.

The Advantages of
Algi Ai in the Workplace

Algi Ai performs automatic hazard detection in workplaces and helps to prevent occupational accidents and ensure employee safety by quickly detecting abnormal situations and dangerous behaviors thanks to high-resolution cameras. It also offers real-time monitoring, allowing employers to monitor the behavior of workers, quickly identify potential risks and respond to incidents instantly.

Important Features of Algi Ai for Occupational Health and Safety

Algi Ai is a company that stands out with its innovative solutions in the field of occupational health and safety. Thanks to its camera and drone solutions, it contributes to preventing potential risks while increasing safety standards in workplaces.


Questions & Answers


How do our solutions improve
safety standards in the workplace?

Algi Ai's camera and drone solutions are an effective tool for increasing safety standards in workplaces. High-resolution cameras and intelligent detection algorithms detect potential hazards in the workplace. These solutions strengthen security measures in the workplace by quickly detecting intrusions, dangerous behavior or unusual situations.

Algi Ai Technology, what dangers can it detect and
how does it work?

Algi Ai's artificial intelligence-based technology can detect various hazards. For example, it can detect factors such as the use of hazardous materials, high-risk work areas, behaviors that may cause occupational accidents. Artificial intelligence algorithms determine potential risks by analyzing images and data collected by cameras and drones.

How do the solutions used in
the workplace improve the
well-being of employees?

Algi Ai's solutions with cameras and drones help to improve the well-being of employees. First of all, these solutions improve safety in the workplace by quickly detecting potential hazards. This ensures the safety of employees and helps prevent workplace accidents. In addition, these technologies offer the possibility of real-time monitoring, thus becoming an effective tool for monitoring activities in the workplace and ensuring the safety of employees.

Innovative Solutions of Algi Ai

Occupational health and safety are among the most important issues in workplaces in every sector.Dec. Algi Ai's innovative camera and drone solutions provide an effective tool for detecting potential hazards in the workplace and taking precautions. Here are a few example scenarios and solutions of Algi Ai:

Construction Site Safety

Construction sites are high-risk areas and may be faced with hazards such as falling, material falling, scaffolding collapsing. Algi Ai's cameras and drones can detect potential hazards by performing real-time monitoring on construction sites. For example, when an employee is perceived to be at risk of falling from a height, Algi Ai's systems can issue an immediate warning and emergency measures can be taken to ensure the employee's safety.

Industrial Production
and Machine Safety

Employees in industrial production facilities may interact with dangerous machinery and face the risk of occupational accidents. Algi Ai's cameras can detect abnormal situations by monitoring the working processes of machines. For example, when a machine is detected to be malfunctioning or a dangerous situation occurs, the Algi Ai's systems can automatically issue alerts and emergency response can be provided.

Warehouse and Logistics Security

Warehouse and logistics areas may be facing various risks due to material mobility and transportation operations. Algi Ai's cameras can detect abnormal situations by performing real-time monitoring in warehouse and logistics areas. For example, when a material fall or collision is detected, the Algi Ai's systems can quickly issue warnings and contribute to the prevention of work accidents.

Algi Ai's solutions can be customized to detect potential hazards in every workplace and take precautions. In this way, safety standards in workplaces increase, occupational accidents decrease and employee well-being increases. Algi Ai's innovative camera and drone solutions make an important contribution to occupational health and safety management. The identification of potential hazards in the workplace and taking precautions are of great importance for the safety of employees and work efficiency. Algi Ai's technology helps strengthen the safety culture in the workplace, while at the same time providing employers with more effective management. Use the innovative solutions of Algi Ai to create safer and healthier working environments for occupational health and safety.  With features such as effective monitoring, quick alerts and data analytics, Algi Ai is the perfect partner to improve safety in workplaces and prioritize the well-being of employees.

Our Services

Defective Path Detection

Algi Ai uses Object Detection techniques in Artificial Intelligence to detect Damaged Roads, Potholes, Cracks, etc. it allows various road damage to be detected, such as.

Intelligent Parking Systems

With our solution, you can reserve your parking space before entering the parking lot if you want and you can pay quickly via the application for as long as you want. In this way, you will save time and have a comfortable parking experience.

ANPR Technology

Automatic License Plate Recognition is a computer vision application that allows devices to quickly and automatically read license plates on vehicles without any human interaction.

Person Counting and Tracking

Algi Ai helps you optimize security systems and business processes by providing Contact Counting and Tracking solutions equipped with the latest technologies. Person Counting and Tracking provides a useful service in Government Offices, Shopping Malls, Corporate Companies and many other areas.

Label Control Solutions

Label Checking is the process of detecting labels and their position on a box or container that has not been placed correctly. This guarantees the smooth progress of the entire shipping process.

Foreign Body Detection

Smart cameras detect unwanted objects that contaminate products on a production line. Object Detection Solutions increase productivity. Detecting unwanted generations ensures consumer satisfaction in the best way.


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