Out of Stock Solutions (OSS)

Warning at the Speed of Light

Get an alert when a product is out of stock
or displayed incorrectly on the shelf.

Data Analysis

Analyze data that is not left in stock to identify problems in your supply chain and make informed inventory decisions.

What is ROI?

Our team is happy to analyze your return on investment. Give us your specific business needs, we will offer you a special analysis with a detailed analysis specific to your store

Proven Results

Our solution reduces the detection rate of products that are not left in stock by 90%.


Our turnkey solution scales to thousands of categories across hundreds of stores.

Why Our Solution?

To better serve customers, please them and make
your supply chain a virtual reality. Let your
shelves do the talking.

Detection of Depleted Stock

We can help you with reduced or depleted products in your stocks. Our solutions support you to increase your sales by detecting your out of stock products.


Our solution detects your products that are not in stock by analyzing shelf conditions and inventory management system. By scanning each aisle, it finds the products that need to be restocked in the most effective way and ensures that customers can always find the products they need. By optimizing the stock renewal efforts of store managers, it makes each aisle more efficient and productive.

How Does It Work?

Our computer vision cameras allow retailers to view shelf conditions in real time. The cameras identify each product on the shelf by analyzing it with deep learning algorithms and automatically send a alert to cloud servers when empty space is detected on the shelf. In this way, the missing products are detected quickly and the expectations of the customers are met.

Our Services

Defective Path Detection

Algi Ai uses Object Detection techniques in Artificial Intelligence to detect Damaged Roads, Potholes, Cracks, etc. it allows various road damage to be detected, such as.

Intelligent Parking Systems

With our solution, you can reserve your parking space before entering the parking lot if you want and you can pay quickly via the application for as long as you want. In this way, you will save time and have a comfortable parking experience.

ANPR Technology

Automatic License Plate Recognition is a computer vision application that allows devices to quickly and automatically read license plates on vehicles without any human interaction.

Person Counting and Tracking

Algi Ai helps you optimize security systems and business processes by providing Contact Counting and Tracking solutions equipped with the latest technologies. Person Counting and Tracking provides a useful service in Government Offices, Shopping Malls, Corporate Companies and many other areas.

Label Control Solutions

Label Checking is the process of detecting labels and their position on a box or container that has not been placed correctly. This guarantees the smooth progress of the entire shipping process.

Foreign Body Detection

Smart cameras detect unwanted objects that contaminate products on a production line. Object Detection Solutions increase productivity. Detecting unwanted generations ensures consumer satisfaction in the best way.


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