Person Counting and Tracking


Improve Safety and Efficiency

Algi Ai helps you optimize security systems and business processes by providing contact detection and tracking solutions equipped with the latest technologies. Person detection and tracking provides a useful service in government departments, shopping malls, corporate companies and many other areas.

Breakthrough Technologies in Security

Person Counting and Tracking automatically detects and follows people moving in a designated area using advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques. In this way, security measures become more effective and potential threats can be countingfaster.


Algi Ai's contact detection and tracking solutions offer the following advantages:

1. Fast and Sensitive Detection

People are detected quickly using high-resolution cameras and advanced image processing algorithms. Detection results are further sensitized by determinations made on features such as face, body and clothing analysis.

2. Real-Time Tracking

Algi Ai's contact tracking algorithms track detected contacts in real time and record their movements. In this way, it can perform retrospective analysis after events and provides fast intervention possibility.

3. Efficient Monitoring and Analysis

Person Counting and Monitoring solutions use artificial intelligence to improve customer experience, sales, and employee productivity.

Application Areas

Government Departments and Public Institutions

Government offices such as government buildings, municipalities, police centers can increase their security with person detection and tracking solutions and better monitor critical areas. In addition, by analyzing the movements of people, it can contribute to the provision of public services in a more efficient way.

Shopping Malls and Retail

Shopping malls and retail stores can use person detection and tracking systems to understand customer behavior and improve sales strategies. Moving maps can help optimize inventory management and personnel planning based on the density of points of sale.

Corporate Enterprises and Office Buildings

Companies can use person detection and tracking systems to improve security in office buildings and track the location of employees. These solutions provide early warning against unauthorized entries and provide fast response in emergency situations.

Visualizing Data with Heat Maps

The Person Counting and Tracking solutions of Algi Ai offer the possibility of visualizing the obtained data with heat maps. Thanks to this, businesses can see the popularity of specific regions or crowd hours and optimize their operations accordingly. Heat maps are an effective tool used to improve the user experience, take security measures, and optimize marketing strategies.

Our Advantages

Fast Response Time

Real-time inference results and feedback
(processing ~30 frames per second).
The model is optimized to work on simple
camera chipsets with our data sets.

Video Analysis

Human counting and tracking, a turnkey solution
for heat maps, user distance, waiting times
and interaction measurements.

Instant Notification

Instant notification to authorized security
personnel in suspicious cases.

Night Vision

We have developed solutions using night vision cameras. Our IoT and Embedded experts work
with you to understand your use cases
andrecommend the best

Special Integrations

We provide APIs, MQTT messages with different types of integration. Whether you are looking for a simple dashboard or integrations with your ERP system, we have experience in creating robust integrations.


Our experts can guide you through how our solutions can be designed and deployed to ensure that you comply with the law.

Our Services

Defective Path Detection

Algi Ai uses Object Detection techniques in Artificial Intelligence to detect Damaged Roads, Potholes, Cracks, etc. it allows various road damage to be detected, such as.

Intelligent Parking Systems

With our solution, you can reserve your parking space before entering the parking lot if you want and you can pay quickly via the application for as long as you want. In this way, you will save time and have a comfortable parking experience.

ANPR Technology

Automatic License Plate Recognition is a computer vision application that allows devices to quickly and automatically read license plates on vehicles without any human interaction.

Person Counting and Tracking

Algi Ai helps you optimize security systems and business processes by providing Contact Counting and Tracking solutions equipped with the latest technologies. Person Counting and Tracking provides a useful service in Government Offices, Shopping Malls, Corporate Companies and many other areas.

Label Control Solutions

Label Checking is the process of detecting labels and their position on a box or container that has not been placed correctly. This guarantees the smooth progress of the entire shipping process.

Foreign Body Detection

Smart cameras detect unwanted objects that contaminate products on a production line. Object Detection Solutions increase productivity. Detecting unwanted generations ensures consumer satisfaction in the best way.


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