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Automatic License Plate Detection

Automatic license plate recognition is an advanced computer vision application and is offered as a solution supported by artificial intelligence technology. This innovative system provides the ability to quickly and automatically recognize license plates on vehicles without any human interaction. ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) is used to accurately capture and identify license plates using video or photo shoots through cameras. In this way, it offers a reliable solution that can read vehicle license plates with precision.


Advantages of Automatic License Plate Recognition

ANPR offers advantages such as automating manual tasks, highly efficient space management and a high level of customer experience.

How Does ANPR Work ?


First, the ANPR camera captures images containing a license plate (video stream or photo).


Then, using the machine learning and computer vision processes, the license plate is detected (Object Detection)


OCR software is applied to the detected plate field to return the plate number in text format.


The converted number is usually stored in a database for integration with other IT systems.

Examples of Popular Uses of ANPR

Parking Lot Management
Parking Lot management An integrated solution is required to detect entering vehicles. Therefore, automatic license plate recognition is the key to efficient parking management. ANPR allows parkings to have automatic parking management, since each car is calculated according to its own license plate number. Therefore, users of closed parking are saved from the stress of managing their own tickets and tracking the time spent, or situations such as paying for incorrect tickets, the risk of losing their tickets. In addition, the automatic surveillance system can be redirected in October in the event of a dispute. Such parking systems monitor every vehicle in the facility and provide complete management.

Box Office Records
Manual box office management on highways is still an important practice in some parts of the world. Most often, box offices make use of different technologies for autonomous box office management. Paying paid tolls by mail or automatically, for example, on larger highways, ANPR allows officials to get license plate numbers to pay tolls by mail or automatically, instead of stopping and paying at a manually operated toll booth. Therefore, ANPR provides efficient box office management, reduces the required operational time and thus increases productivity.

Retail Park Security
Retail parks often deal with unauthorized parking, which leads to difficulties for rightful parking spaces or sometimes suspicious activity. Such security risks can be addressed with ANPR technology by ensuring that only authorized vehicles use parking spaces.

Traffic Management
Traffic management is one of the many advantages that ANPR offers. ANPR can be used to detect vehicles speeding excessively in cities, vehicles driving in a hurry, or any accidental incidents. ANPR provides solutions for measuring and analyzing area-related traffic data of a specific area or an entire city. On a larger scale, traffic management provides insights into traffic congestion for better traffic planning.

Our Services

Defective Path Detection

Algi Ai uses Object Detection techniques in Artificial Intelligence to detect Damaged Roads, Potholes, Cracks, etc. it allows various road damage to be detected, such as.

Intelligent Parking Systems

With our solution, you can reserve your parking space before entering the parking lot if you want and you can pay quickly via the application for as long as you want. In this way, you will save time and have a comfortable parking experience.

ANPR Technology

Automatic License Plate Recognition is a computer vision application that allows devices to quickly and automatically read license plates on vehicles without any human interaction.

Person Counting and Tracking

Algi Ai helps you optimize security systems and business processes by providing Contact Counting and Tracking solutions equipped with the latest technologies. Person Counting and Tracking provides a useful service in Government Offices, Shopping Malls, Corporate Companies and many other areas.

Label Control Solutions

Label Checking is the process of detecting labels and their position on a box or container that has not been placed correctly. This guarantees the smooth progress of the entire shipping process.

Foreign Body Detection

Smart cameras detect unwanted objects that contaminate products on a production line. Object Detection Solutions increase productivity. Detecting unwanted generations ensures consumer satisfaction in the best way.


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