About Us

At Algi, we assist our customers in gaining a competitive advantage against their competitors by providing them with the latest artificial intelligence technologies to be used in their operations. Through our customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer, we offer personalized solutions that take into consideration their unique situations.

Our goal is to be a strong partner in helping businesses achieve their objectives. We cater to various needs of businesses with a wide range of solutions such as Hospital Solutions, Pothole Detection, Smart Parking Systems, ANPR Technology, Label Inspection, Person Detection-Tracking, Foreign Object Detection in Food, Out-of-Stock (OOS) Solutions, and Factory Vision Solutions.

With our advanced technologies, we ensure effective management in hospitals, provide solutions that enhance safety through pothole detection, and improve parking experiences with smart parking systems. Our automatic license plate recognition technology enables us to offer ANPR solutions, while label inspection ensures product quality.

Furthermore, we strengthen security measures with person detection and tracking solutions, prioritize consumer safety with foreign object detection in food, optimize stock management with OOS solutions, and enhance production processes with factory vision solutions.

At Algi, we are here to elevate businesses above the competition by providing tailored solutions for each customer. As a reliable, innovative, and leading business partner, we focus on our customers' needs and guide them towards success. Unlock the potential of your business and achieve your goals by harnessing the technological power of Algi.

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